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PowerProduction Software

PowerProduction Software is celebrating more than two decades of creating production software for Hollywood and the media production community. Our mission is to make software that enables creative minds - of all backgrounds and skill proficiencies - to express their ideas visually in order to participate in the creation process of media production for entertainment, storytelling and information sharing. StoryBoard Quick is an easy-to-use, easy-to-learn software program that allows you to visually plan and present everything from feature films to corporate presentations. Pre-loaded with libraries of content, StoryBoard Quick will help you design storyboards fast that look great, even with no artistic ability. Adding graphics to your storyboards is as easy as pointing and clicking, so you can design and plan your shots for better end results.

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Michael Wiese Productions

MWP (Michael Wiese Productions) is the world’s leading publisher of books on screenwriting and filmmaking. It started in 1981 when Michael Wiese wrote and published the first book in what is now a line of over 150 books. Their goal is to provide information and inspiration on all aspects of filmmaking to students, emerging filmmakers and professionals through the brightest minds in the creative community. Click on the cat logo to the left and enjoy 25% discount on all the books!


Hollywood Embassy

Hollywood Embassy is a boutique screenplay consultancy founded by Producer Mitchell Peck. Mitchell has produced 3 studio movies (and made numerous studio script development deals) - all based on screenplays he developed with first-time, unrepresented screenwriters. Mitchell has a track-record of proven successes on behalf of aspiring screenwriters at Hollywood's best literary agencies, top management-production companies, and major movie studios. And unlike most other self-proclaimed script "gurus," his success stories are actually verifiable on IMDB and in the Hollywood trade papers.