Judges for the Los Angeles Screenplay Contest are experienced and working professional script readers with experience evauluating scripts for studios, production companies and agencies. All judges participate purely on their own desire to help discover exceptional screenplay writing talent.


All scripts are judged anonymously. Judges only identify scripts they read with a code attached to that script for processing. At no time during the judging process do judges know the identity of any authors of any script. Judges will assess scripts based on their own subjective criteria as well a checklist scorecard. Each genre will have its own judges. 


Each judge is given a numeric grading system in which to rank the following areas:

  • Originality of Concept +

    Judges will be looking for something new and intriguing. Even common plots can find new life with original concepts.
  • Pacing and Scene Flow +

    Scripts tell stories and judges will look for the storytelling to be displayed on the page and not just imagined on the screen.
  • Quality of Dialog +

    Judges want sharp, poignant dialog that understands its characters and respects its audience.
  • Character Interest +

    Judges expect characters that will draw the audience in with traits and personalities that are charismatic and compelling.
  • Theme Focus +

    Judges will look for stories to be consistent in their themes and well presented in their execution.
  • Script Structure +

    Judges will be looking for professional level storytelling in both technique and understanding of story structure.
  • Commercial Appeal +

    Judges will measure the value of a script’s audience draw as well as its merits as a work or art.
  • Overall Impression +

    Judges will consider the overall emotional, imaginative or intellectual impact of the script.
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