The Los Angeles Screenplay Contest

Los Angeles Screenplay Contest

The Los Angeles Screenplay Contest was created to introduce new screenwriters into the world of professional scriptwriting and to provide recognition to those new and unknown talents looking to forge careers as professinal writers in the entertainment industry. As such, the contest stands as a testament to rewarding and recognizing quality storytelling through film.



Screenplay Contest

The organizers of the Los Angeles Screenplay Contest acknowledge the support and contributions of the countless individuals in the entertainment industry who mentor and give opportunity to new talent. Without their interest and generosity of time and effort, this contest could not exist. We thank all who make new dreams possible.

Mission Statement

The LA Screenplay Contest’s primary goal is to recreate the opportunity channels that were once more accessible in Hollywood when agencies were more diverse and working writers mentored bright prodigies. We bring the best of today’s screenwriters to those who seek their talent with the written assurance that we will never own, sell, or misuse any script that enters our competition.